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The In Blood and Fire Series

This series takes place in the World of Redolan

The Spark.jpg

The Spark: An In Blood and Fire Short Story

Matthew Morthan, Marshal General of the Lithonian Army, Lord Protector of the Realm and brother to the King of Lithonia has been given a mission. Harmon’s Island, the first line of defense for Lithonia against the Hathorites, has recently been equipped with a new defense system and King Charles trusts only his brother to give him an accurate report of its ability to protect Lithonia.

But Charles has other reasons for wanting his brother away from Endomir. He has long been in love with Matthew’s pregnant wife, Nikkana, and wants a chance to spend time alone with her. However, Matthew’s plans to travel to Harmon’s Island have been leaked to the Hathorites and he is walking into a trap.

Meanwhile Nikkana has gone into early labor. Thanks to the Link that magically binds her to Matthew she can feel him fighting for his life just as he can feel her fighting for hers.

Master Tam Gale is one of the Masters of the Ithrimir who are Gifted with ability to touch the Life Source that resides in all living things, but can he save Nikkana and her unborn child? Can Matthew and the Masters on Harmon’s Island fight off the invading Hathorites and their Magi?

From-the-ashes-final -lighter.jpg

From the Ashes

An orphaned princess, a mad goddess, and a world on the precipice of war.

Twenty years ago, during the last war between the country Lithonia and its neighbor, the
king’s brother died in battle. Thanks to the magical link that connected him and his wife, she
went into labor, dying minutes before their daughter Lena was born.

Princess Lena, raised at the court of her dying uncle, is third to inherit the throne. Her insane
cousin, obsessed with Lena and first in line to the throne, wants to force a marriage between
them after his father dies. To save her, and secure an alliance against their country’s neighbor, the
king instead arranges a marriage to the prince of a foreign kingdom.

Forced to leave her homeland, Lena must secure the loyalty of her new husband, a stranger who
is still grieving the death of his previous fiancée. Now tied together by the same magical link that
destroyed both her parents, their fates are intertwined.

Lena finds herself alone in a strange land, not knowing who to trust and who is waiting in the
shadows to stab her in the back.

Author Kristina Gruell debuts with a dark, high-stakes political fantasy, where every new face
hides a potential threat. Pick up From the Ashes and discover the shadow games that will determine the fate of Redolan.

A Burning Ember-FINAL.jpg

A Burning Ember

The fate of the Lithonian people is balanced on the edge of a knife.


Lenathaina Morthan Coden is the rightful Queen of Lithonia but an ocean and her bastard cousin, Garrett Morlette, stand between her and the throne.


On the eve of former king’s murder, Garrett proclaimed himself his half-brother’s heir and stole the throne from his cousin, Lenathaina. In order to keep the nobles from rising up against him, Garrett has taken hostages from every house, great and small, and has imprisoned them in a mountain fortress. The high lords and lords of Lithonia are also trapped in the mountain city, unable to leave until they swear oaths of fealty to the Usurper King.


The Goddess Incarnate, the Mystic of Hathor, is beginning to move out of the shadows. No longer content to influence events unseen, She is ordering Her agents to make bold and deadly moves. How many lives will be claimed by the Goddess before her true purpose is revealed?


Lenathaina is still recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped and the loss of her uncle and friend. Her aunt and cousin are missing. To avoid dealing with her emotional pain she has thrown herself into her plans to return to Lithonia and her training as a warrior.


As Lenathaina prepares for war, the various factions of the Lithonian court take sides. Battle lines are being drawn. Soldiers are called to arms. Can Lenathaina save her throne and her people?

the flame within-FINAL.jpg

The Flame Within

War has come.


The Mystic of Hathor has come out of the shadows to support anyone who can topple Lenathaina from her throne and help secure Lithonia for the Hathorite invasion.

Alliances old and new have been called to aid the young Queen but can they prevail against the Mystic’s priestesses and magi who are not bound by the same ethics as the other magic users of the world?

Far away on the Isles of the Ithrimir the Masters see hundreds of years of prophecies coalescing around one figure. Has the Savior of Redolan come and are they strong enough to stand against the storm?

The Flame Within is the third volume of the high stakes epic political fantasy series, In Blood and Fire by Kristina Gruell.

the-conflag-new-final copy.jpg

The Conflagration

The Civil War may be over, but the Battle for Redolan is just beginning.

Queen Lenathaina and her forces have turned back the Mystic of Hathor’s minions, but the Mystic isn’t content with defeat. She and her allies are preparing for the largest invasion that Redolan has ever seen. Thousands died and now a third of the House of Lords are young men, led by an even younger Queen. Will the Lithonians and their allies be able to withstand the storm that is coming for them?

On the Isles of the Ithrimir, the Ithram faces a choice that will change the Ithrimir forever. Will he be able to hold onto his power or will he be other thrown?

Old and ancient powers are being revealed that will change the world forever. The Savior of Redolan has been found. Will she be strong enough to unlock her power and once she does, can she wield it safely?

Or will the Mystic finally prevail and take Lithonia and eventually Redolan as her own?


The World Ablaze

The world of Redolan is at war.

Queen Lenathaina has embraced her newfound power and her role as The Savior of Redolan. The rulers of every nation of the free world have gathered in Lithonia to fight by her side.

In Hathor, Arez, the God of War, has taken control of Hestia’s people and prepares for invasion. Meanwhile, Hestia has realized that not only has she been deceived but so have the Mystics that came before her. She is no goddess; she is a puppet. A puppet determined to free herself.

On the world of Bestairia, Arez’s long-time ally⸺ and lover⸺ prepares to embark on the final act of her elaborate plan to destroy all that her brother, the god Moradin, ever loved. As Nemesistaea finally leaves her seat of power to show not just Redolan, but the Universe of Somerled, who is in control, the question must be asked: is anyone strong enough to stop her?

Across the sea, the fabled Southlanders are very much alive, and have come to join the battle. Their mission? To kill gods. Will they see Lenathaina as a Savior or another invading god? Where will the god-killers stand when it comes time to save the world?

Kristina Gruell brings the epic conclusion of the In Blood and Fire Series with The World Ablaze, which will finally answer the question once and for all: can the Savior and the peoples of Redolan stand together and survive the wrath of the gods?

blood-fire-companion-final .jpg

The In Blood and Fire Companion

A collection of novellas, short stories, and bonus materials set in the In Blood and Fire Series

The Spark

Matthew Morthan, Marshal General of the Lithonian Army, Lord Protector of the Realm and brother to the King of Lithonia has been given a mission. Harmon’s Island, the first line of defense for Lithonia against the Hathorites, has recently been equipped with a new defense system and King Charles trusts only his brother to give him an accurate report of its ability to protect Lithonia.

But the Hathorites have other plans. The Mystic of Hathor has ordered and invasion of the Island. Can Matthew and his soldiers hold back the savage magi of the Mystic or will they take the island and Matthew with it?


Brandon Morthan, once an heir to the throne of Lithonia, is bound for the Isles of the Ithrimir to begin his training as a Master of the Ithrimir.

But the agents of the Mystic of Hathor, the incarnation of the Goddess Hestia, are on his trail. Already he and Arch Master Grover Jennings, who has been charged with seeing him safely to the Isles, have been attacked once on their journey.
In Thynn, on the last stop of their journey, they meet and befriend a widow, Mistress Verarie. Unbeknownst to Brandon and Grover, Verarie is a Hathorite Priestess.

Can Brandon get safely to the Isles or will the Hathorites finally succeed in kidnapping or killing him?


Lord Baerik and Lady Victoria Forrester-Coden, the Duc and Ducessa ‘ah Kilmerian, are leading a small army north to take Maynard Keep back from the Hathorites, who are invading the northern shores of Lithonia.

Priest Kaleck, Devotee of Arez, is determined to prove himself to his new god by not only securing Maynard, but the surrounding territories.

As these two forces collide in the opening conflict of in the final battle for Redolan, the sparks will fly and set the countryside ablaze.

The Spark
A Burning Ember
The Flame Within
From The Ashes
The Conflagration
The World Ablaze
The Companion
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