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There are twelve months in the year, three weeks in a month and ten days in a week. The current calendar was adopted by all countries after the Consolidation of Caeldenon and is referred to as A.C.

The Months and Major Holidays

  • Ando

    • Wellspring, the celebration of the new year, 1st of Ando

  • Morin

  • Nane

    • Spring Feast (Lithonia), Awakening Festival (Caeldenon and Thynn), Rite of Life (Pannarius): 1st 

  • Zulin

  • Youn

  • Julas

    • First day of Summer, Feast of the longest day (Lithonia), Feast of Light (Caeldenon), Fire Festival (Pannarius): 1st

  • Caro

    • Consolidation Day (Caeldenon, the anniversary of the founding of the United Kingdom): 18th

  • Jinda

    • Harvest Night (Lithonia): 30th

  • Rison

    • Autumn Festival (Caeldenon), First day of Autumn: 1st

  • Xavar

    • Battle of Two Rivers anniversary, when Morthan Family took the throne (Lithonia): 14th

  • Minn

  • Charn

    • Night of Reflection (Lithonia), Commemoration (Caeldenon), First Day of Winter: 1st

    • Highpoint (Day of celebration and gift giving for followers of the Maker): 30th

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