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Languages of the World of Redolan

Caeldenon, Old Tongue:


Adae - Gold

Advar - shield

Ah – of

Bru – are

Cimminaria – darling

Danon – justice

Danon ‘ah Sustine - Sword of Justice

Di – in

Dinalall – child

Draedin – initiate   

Galvana – sister

Gandine – steward, butler and more    

Hanal – night

Hivar – sworn

Jadhar – Commander

Janna – honor

Jannal – honored

Kessiana – a legal second wife, one often picked by a first wife to assist her in husband managing and child rearing. Plural marriage used to be common in Caeldenon but the practice has fallen aside in recent years.

Lynene – Daughter

Lynene ‘ah Hanal – Daughters of Night, a sect of female Blood Sworn known for their deadly stealth and scouting abilities. All members are referred to as “Daughter” and the Commander is called “Mother” by all members, and as a whole they consider themselves family, calling one another sister. 

Mael - Blood

Mael’Hivar Galvana - blood sworn sister

Mael’Hivar Naheame – blood sworn warrior

Mael’Hivar Thane - blood sworn brother

Mel - True

Naheame – warrior

Palla – place

Sustine - sword

Thane – brother

Tovar – hold

Ithrimirian, the language of the original inhabitants of the Isles of the Ithrimir:


Adon – son

Ai – yes 

Camma – come

Con – you

Din – will

Ha – go

Havria – shine

Havaro – chamber

Kie – the

Mutta – mother

Na – and

Nosai – hall  

Olener – elder

Olenerdi – eldest

Ovar – will

Patita – darling

Papai – father

Provaner – honored

Savaritara – Savior

Sieta – they

Sietnie – their

Ti – to

Uni – now

Vatarai – children  

Val – have

Vas – us

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