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High Lord and High Lady Bennings: Part 1

The Endomir Court Circular

8th of Charn, 976

My dear reader, just when the gossip about High Lord Benjamin and High Lady Beth Bennings had died down… they set off fireworks!

If you have been under a rock for the last week, then you may have missed the latest juicy tidbit. It seems that High Lord Bennings approached High Lord Rendon, who served as guardian to High Lady Bennings before her elopement. The topic of their discussions, you ask? The High Lady’s inheritance from her late father, Lord Jarrod Rendon.

While it has proved difficult to get a full list of the items owed to High Lady Bennings, I have managed to get the gist. It seems that Lord Jarrod, who was the third son of the late High Lord Giles and High Lady Susan Rendon, spent his money wisely. He had shares in the Lithonian Rail Company which are worth a small fortune on their own. Lord Jarrod also left his daughter jewels that belonged to her mother, Lady Erin, as well as a country house and the surrounding farmlands.

Rendon has rebuffed Bennings’s attempts to take possession of the property and stocks, so the matter is to go before the House of Lords at the end of the month in a special session.

You can rest assured, dear reader, that this author will be in the gallies hanging on every last word!

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