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Signed copy of A Burning Ember, book two of the In Blood and Fire Series. Edtion two. 

If you want a custom inscription, please let me know. 

A Burning Ember by Kristina Gruell

  • The fate of the Lithonian people is balanced on the edge of a knife.


    Lenathaina Morthan Coden is the rightful Queen of Lithonia but an ocean and her bastard cousin, Garrett Morlette, stand between her and the throne.


    On the eve of former king’s murder, Garrett proclaimed himself his half-brother’s heir and stole the throne from his cousin, Lenathaina. In order to keep the nobles from rising up against him, Garrett has taken hostages from every house, great and small, and has imprisoned them in a mountain fortress. The high lords and lords of Lithonia are also trapped in the mountain city, unable to leave until they swear oaths of fealty to the Usurper King.


    The Goddess Incarnate, the Mystic of Hathor, is beginning to move out of the shadows. No longer content to influence events unseen, She is ordering Her agents to make bold and deadly moves. How many lives will be claimed by the Goddess before her true purpose is revealed?


    Lenathaina is still recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped and the loss of her uncle and friend. Her aunt and cousin are missing. To avoid dealing with her emotional pain she has thrown herself into her plans to return to Lithonia and her training as a warrior.


    As Lenathaina prepares for war, the various factions of the Lithonian court take sides. Battle lines are being drawn. Soldiers are called to arms. Can Lenathaina save her throne and her people?

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