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Signed copy of From the Ashes, book one of the In Blood and Fire Series. Edition one.

If you want a custom inscription, please let me know. 

Original Cover of From the Ashes by Kristina Gruell, Signed copy

  • Lenathaina Morthan is the third heir of a dying line. Her Uncle, the King, has only two legitimate children. His oldest son and heir is unbalanced and sadistic and his younger son is only a child. The King is determined to use her as a bargaining chip to seal a treaty for aide with his longtime ally against the zealous Hathorite nation, which is ruled by a goddess only known as the Mystic.

    The Lithonian court has many factions, some poised to help Lenathaina save the throne and the people she loves, and others ready to take advantage of the chaos to seize power. The Morthan House is on the verge of collapse and their ancient enemy, the Hathorites, is poised to move on the fractured country as soon as it does.

    Can Lenathaina do her duty to her country and marry a man she has never seen to secure the alliance? When her Uncle dies, can she help the country she loves survive the fallout? If the Hathorites manage to seize power…. Her people may face a fate worse than death.

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